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Build your labeled service based on Hibouvision and resell your monitoring service integrated into your economic model

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Deliver THE turnkey monitoring service to your customers in a few minutes

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Help your clients to build their capacity planning thanks to Hibouvision, your margins are preserved.

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Add monitoring IT to your services without worrying about technical complexity

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Knowing is being able to anticipate the needs of your customers.

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Thanks to its "Pay as you grow" model, get started without taking any risk.

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Generate additional sales and retain your customers by becoming experts in their IT environment

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An all-terrain solution !

Take advantage of a library of sensors that is among the most complete on the market and continuously enriched.

For your safety, monitoring is carried out using probes installed in the heart of your IT.

  • Agentless monitoring of bandwidth, resource usage, activity and SLAs
  • Compatible with networks of all sizes
  • Automatic device discovery and configuration (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Supervision of several networks and / or several sites at no additional cost
  • Secure central platform for all your deployments
  • HTTP API to interface Hibouvision with other apps
  • Multiple notification channels (email, SMS, WS HTTP, Scripts, Syslog, ...)
  • Detailed log files on all the activity of the platform
  • 250 types of sensors (Ping, HTTP, WMI, Perfcounters, WEBM ...)
  • Network traffic monitoring and behavior analysis with SNMP, Netflow v5 / 9, sFlow v5, jFlow v5, packet sniffing
  • Preconfigured templates for the most common equipment (Cisco routers, Windows server, SQL servers, hypervisors, etc.)
  • This list is far from exhaustive, contact us to find out more!

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